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Over the past 23 years, Savings Safari has become the primary medium of choice for Brevard County advertisers.  We invite you to join our rapidly growing family of successful advertisers who keep Savings Safari in their marketing schedules year after year!  Each full color, high quality magazine is mailed directly by the United States Postal Service to over 200,000 choice households twice each month. Businesses have come to realize the unsurpassed quality, customer satisfaction and return on investment that these products offer.
Our mission is to provide advertisers with a cost effective advertising vehicle, the best possible reach, frequency, and saturation that delivers trackable, exceptional results. For less than a penny per household, no other single advertising medium in Brevard County reaches the masses like Savings Safari does. Decision making consumers read our magazines specifically for advertised values & savings... and they do so frequently. Redeemed trackable coupons prove it. We drive consumers to your door and make your phone ring. FEELTHEPOWERLOGO
Shoppers Guide
We're different from most advertising mediums. We do not entertain. Residents of our community use Savings Safari to stretch their budget, and to spend their dollars more wisely. That's why we call ourselves a buyer's magazine.
Producing Results
Consumers use Savings Safari to make buying decisions. After mailing over 50,000,000 magazines in Brevard County "WE ARE A HOUSEHOLD NAME". We support our advertisers' expectations, and can help you get the most out of your advertising dollar.
Equal Advertisers
We were initially designed with the small business owner in mind. Yet corporations and national chains have found the high-quality graphics in our full-color, high-gloss publication an immediate draw. Your Ad is professionally designed, printed, & mailed directly to your customers.
Cost Effective
Our ad rates range from .005 to .03 cents per piece. Affordable pricing makes it easy to see why Savings Safari's value cannot be matched by any other advertising resource.
Shelf Life
Consumers keep our publication on average of 3 to 4 weeks giving your message the repetitiveness of costly multiple ads in other publications. Our advertisers' messages are in consumers' homes and hands 24/7.
Target Your Customers
Income specific demographics that have a minimum median average income of $40,000 and up are chosen to maximize results for advertisers. Each of our eight zones average 25,000 addresses consisting of 27 total zip codes.