At Savings Safari

We offer a local magazine with book ads that reach a distribution of over 206,000 homes. This is as low as 1 cent per home, depending on the ad size and circulation. Our Direct Mail Publication helps new businesses establish a local prescence within the community, and add growth to their revenue. 
Our magazine also increases sales to seasoned businesses with our trackable coupons. 
Coupon redemption attracts new customers and brings in repeat customers sooner than they would normally return, therefore increasing your average ticket transactions. 

Twenty-Six times a year, over
206,000 households in Brevard County

Savings Safari uses target marketing to eight differrent specific areas of Brevard County, Florida.
This allows you to “target” the area’s best for your business,
without wasting impressions in an area that doesn’t benefit your business. 

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Zone A – Titusville Area

32754, 32780, 32796

22,000 total households

Zone B – Cocoa/Rockledge Area

32922, 32926, 32927, 32955

29,000 total households

Zone C – Merritt Island/Cocoa Beach

32920, 32931, 32952, 32953

29,000 total households

Zone D – Suntree/Viera

32940, 32955

23,000 total households

Zone E – Melbourne

32901, 32934, 32935

22,500 total Households

Zone F – Melbourne Beach Area

32903, 32925, 32937, 32951

23,500 total Households

Zone G – West Melbourne/Palm Bay

32904, 32905, 32907

31,000 Households

Zone H – Palm Bay/Sebastian

32908, 32909, 32949, 32950, 32976

26,000 Households

Brevard County! take a minute to see our zones

8 Different Zones. 206,000 Households. 27 Zip Codes!

Circulation Map