Delivering Savings for over
two decades!

For over 25 years we have helped thousands of businesses achieve the results they deserve. We are different from most advertising mediums. We do not just entertain. Residents of our community use Savings Safari to stretch their budget and to spend their dollars more wisely. That’s why we call ourselves a buyer’s magazine. Consumers use Savings Safari to make buying decisions. After mailing over 125 million magazines in Brevard County, “We are a household name”. We support our Space Coast Advertisers’ expectations and can help you get the most of your advertising dollar. Why do avertisers use Savings Safari?  We produce RESULTS!

Equal Advertisers

We were initially designed with the small business owners in mind. Yet, national brands have found our high-quality publication an immediate draw. Our services take you from start to finish. 

Cost Effectiveness

Our rates start at less than a penny per household. Affordable pricing makes it easy to see why Savings Safari’s value cannot be matched by any other advertising resource. Our “shelf life” is more than any other media. 

Targeting Your Customers

We have the largest circulation of any printed media on the Space Coast. Median average income is chosen to maximize results for advertisers. We insure the accuracy of our mailing list by updating frequently. 

Why it works

Our clients find it very easy to see a return on investment by coupon redemption, tracking software, and shelf life of the magazine. We’re proud to say that we even have some companies that have worked with us since the very first magazine, over two decades ago. 

Families love our easy-to-use format, local content, and the opportunity to save money on dining, home improvement, entertainment, health, and other services. Each edition of Savings Safari features beautifully designed ads from cover to cover. Because of the magazine format, consumers return to it and read it repeatedly giving us a long shelf life. 

Cost Effective

Less expensive than solo direct mail with options for reach, frequency, and saturation. Affordable for your budget. 

Shelf Life

Recognized locally by Space Coast Households. Families hold onto it with powerful impressions. 

Growth Potential

Personal One to One contact with your customer providing a great way to promote your business name and brand. 

Measured Results

Your results can be quantified and measured accurately and quickly to provide the best ROI. 

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