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Delivering Savings for
Over Two Decades 

Savings Safari has become the primary medium of choice for Brevard County advertisers. Our unique combination of frequency and reach gives our advertisers “top of the mind awareness” for branding. Proven research states this one-two punch gives the maximum amount of sales impressions to make your campaign successful and affordable. 


Every Two Weeks. 26 times a year!

Expanded Exposure with our online & mobile access

We extend our advertise’s reach and increase their exposure 24/7 by showcasing their coupons and deals online at and If the consumer is on the go, the Safari Coupons App puts savings directly into their hands. 

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Savings Safari Magazine

We use target marketing, eight different specific areas in Brevard County where you can mail your ad – no wasting circulation where you don’t want to go or don’t pull customers from. Delivering to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes every two weeks through USPS Direct Mail we offer you the highest penetration of your primary marketing areas while delivering high-quality, local savings. 

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More Options, Greater Advantages

Stand out with our targeted magazine product add-ons

Solo Local Zip Code DAL Cards

One of our most popular ways businesses can target the immediate area surrounding their location. Pick your zip code and we’ll design, print, and mail!

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Cover Wrap VIP Cards

The VIP cards wrap around the outside cover of the magazine enabling your business to be front and center. 

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Stick-Out Insert Flyers

Full color 2-sided flyer that sticks out of the magazine. Perfect for businesses with lots of products or restaurants to distribute their menus. 

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Want to Grow Your Business? 

Reach over 400,000 potential customers every issue!



Celebrating over 25 years with Happy Clients

“We’ve been in business since 1993, and have used a lot of marketing resourcses. While we have trimmed much of our spending, Savings Safari has risen to the top as one of our more successful marketing campaigns. Customer service and ROI are always consistent. A breath of fresh air. ”

Rhett Fischer

“We have used Savings Safari for the last ten years and it was a great decision. We’ve had so many customers come from Savings Safari! They do a fantastic job on advertising and reach so many people!  They are amazing to work with. Savings Safari will always be our go to advertiser.”

Kristen & Steve Kelly

“For over 20 years now we have been with Savings Safari. We have grown with them in that time serving Brevard County with over 16 locations. They are great to work with and do a fantastic job while always delivering a consistent ROI. Savings Safari will always be a part of our marketing plan.  ”

Bill Blalock
Domino’s Franchisee Owner

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